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Our Mission


We are looking forward to providing you with a new fine quality product and grow our business together


We at the Scrub-WOW team are dedicated to providing our customers with fine quality products for now and for years to come!


Please check often our website for new product and design ideas, coming in 2019!

The Scrub-WOW team, kind regards, Thank you!



Hello, I like to introduce my self, Zacharias Ringas founder off the Scrub-WOW products. We have been in the business of providing services and fine quality products to our valued customers since 1977. Our motto is, “do not” sell anything that we do not believe in!

We have always been providing our customers with a value and fine quality products! Our Scrub-WOW products have been manufactured in Europe for over 25 years, Since the introduction in North America, the Scrub-WOW has been a great success.

We started with the Scrub-WOW Original and since then we have introduced four additional quality kitchen cleaning/gadgets. The Scrub & Wipe, Scrub-WOW EXL, Wet I’t Scrub, and the Scrub-WOW Sponge. Providing our customers with a value and fine quality products is what we do best! Thank you for being a part of our success, we are looking forward to serving you for years to come. The Scrub-WOW team! Kind regards Thank You!

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